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Welcome to Tru Realty

Tru Realty is a nationwide tech-enabled real estate company and world-class education platform for agents who want to be a part of a movement in an inclusive, collaborative, and forward-thinking brokerage of the future.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent and Close Your First Transactions

Tru Realty’s tech driven real estate education platform featuring a comprehensive, step by step guide that shows you how to become a realtor and how to close your first thirteen transactions.

How To Prepare And Pass Your Real Estate Pre-licensing Exam In Any State

We'll help you compare real estate schooling options such as online learning vs classroom learning.

What To Do After Passing Your Real Estate Exam

So you are ready to start selling real estate, but now what do you do? We'll show the step-by-step process after you pass your exam.

Tru Realty’s World Class Education Platform and Continued Education

The University at Tru Realty will take you from your fourth real estate transaction to your fourteenth. Elevate your real estate career with our unique education tools.

Why is emerging technology and superior education important for Real Estate Agents?

Real Estate Agents love Tru Realty’s tech stack. Hear from Tru Realty CEO and founder Sarah Richardson as she talks about how and why we chose our technology partners and how it makes it easier to scale your business in a smarter, safer, and faster way.